Enlightenment is too simple

February 17, 2018 3:11 pm Leave your thoughts
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The most difficult thing about enlightenment is it is too simple, and it is the most obvious.

Because it is so obvious the whole world misses it. If it was somewhere up in the moon, by now everybody would have gotten it, but the problem is it is right here within you. That’s the whole problem.

And your whole focus is out. Why it is out, is because your whole perception of life is only through 5 senses. Everything that you know right now has entered you either by seeing, smelling, tasting or touching. This is the only way you know the world.

This moment, if you shut down these 5 agencies of senses, you’ll have no experience of life or of yourself.┬áSo, sense organs are the only means of experience for you right now. And sense organs in their very nature are outward-bound.