How to understand creation

February 17, 2018 11:54 am Leave your thoughts
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We want you to understand creation the way we understand it. Which means that you got to step back and take a broader view.

Which means you got to stop being the flesh, blood and bony person that you are, and become the vibrational being that you are. Which means to become the emotional being that you are… which means become a really picky emotional being.

Which means: don’t put up with anything that doesn’t make you feel good!

Because when it doesn’t make you feel good you got yourself pinched off from your power. And when you are pinched off from your power,¬†you don’t manifest the way you want to. And then it’s just a cycle of observing what is not wanted and then documenting it.

Ignore it and you can begin to move away from it; focus upon what is really wanted and you begin to move towards that.

Abraham Hicks