Watercourse way

February 1, 2018 9:53 am Leave your thoughts
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Lao Tzu has called it the watercourse way, and I think that is the right concept for anyone who wants to live a relaxed, silent, peaceful and joyous existence.

Never try to go against the current — you cannot win. Nature is too big, you are too small. You will simply get tired — and the more tired you become, the more life will look gloomy, dark, meaningless… just let the river take you wherever it is going.

A man who has a goal to reach is bound to remain in anguish and anxiety. My approach is that the river of life itself is going towards the ocean; you just float with it.

Wherever it takes you is your home. And while you are floating with the river, you can enjoy the sun, the trees on the bank, the birds and their song, the stars in the night, and the moon.

The whole existence — all is available to you because your whole energy is open, is not engaged, is free.